Digital Marketing

How to Find, Engage and Grow Your Audience On Instagram

June 7, 2018

You sit down after a long day, scrolling through your Instagram feed when you realize your profile isn’t growing. You’ve tried everything, and nothing seems to be working. You feel stuck.

Starting from scratch? Don’t you worry. I was exactly in your shoes, trust me.

A little bit of context, my name is Yvonne Khadra and I’m an entrepreneur + digital marketer. I create direct and genuine advice on how to build your own personal brand and business through digital marketing solutions. From 0 to 11,000+ followers, I have built my personal brand from the ground up through trials and tribulations.

So, you want to stand out on social media?

Standing out in a crowded niche can be challenging in 2018, you’ve seen models rise to fame from just their Instagram accounts, how did they do it?

I’ve got news for you: in order to stand out, you need to study your demographic and read what it actually means to your growth potential! Narrowing down your niche is the best thing you can do for yourself.

For example:

If your audience is mainly 20 – 25 year old females in San Francisco, make sure you make content sensitive to San Fransisco culture and students!

This way your looks are targeted and have more relevance to the audience who actually cares.

You might need to hit up more organic shops and spin classes but relevance is everything!

Experiment to what is popular in each age, gender, and location. It plays a huge part in increased engagement.

Content is King. But Distribution is Queen. You need both!

You’ve heard the repetitive saying “post consistently”. However, that means nothing without spending as much time getting it out to targeted audiences.

You can’t just sit there on your phone hoping the “algorithm” is going to magically push your content.

Luckily there’s a solution to this. It’s the 50/50 rule.

What you should do is set a timer for however long it takes you to create the piece of content, caption or a photoshoot and spend the same amount of time distributing it!

If it takes you 2 hours creating content, spend 2 hours distributing.

Tactics that have worked for me:

Dm’ing 100 people under relative hashtags.

Promoting the post with Instagram Ads showing to 10,000 potential accounts.

Replying to every comment and creating conversations outside just compliments

You work hard on your looks. Take your marketing just as seriously.

What Types of Content Do Your Followers Care About?

I have one question for you: Is the content you create for you or for your followers?

Keep in mind that people want to connect with you, so don’t just post pretty outfits and makeup looks, start posting captions that will help your engagement. People want to see the authentic and relatable content. If you can be confident with yourself, people will engage and want to follow you.

It’s the personality and story you share that makes them attracted to follow you.

Remember, you need to make a connection with people whether it’s in a video or a photo.

xo, Yvonne K.