August 8, 2017
There’s nothing like going on an adventure and visiting the natural beauty that Canada has to offer.
Over the weekend, I visited Albion Falls on a whim because I just so happened to be in Hamilton, Ontario.

Photo Credit: @yvonne_khadra

In case you didn’t know, Ontario has some incredible waterfalls, with over 100 of them located in the city of Hamilton.

Hamilton is home to two of my favourite waterfalls: Albion and Webster’s Falls which you will learn about below.


Photo Credit: @yvonne_khadra

Albion falls was once considered a possible source of water for the city of Hamilton. These falls are spectacular and I couldn’t keep my eyes off of them!  The journey to the waterfall is a scenic one so make sure you have your camera ready!

Photo Credit: @yvonne_khadra

To reach Albion Falls via a walking trail, Start at Buttermilk Falls. Take the Mountain Brow Side Trail towards Albion Falls. Here, you will find two lookouts, benches and interpretive displays about the falls and area’s natural and cultural heritage. Leave the parking lot and walk along the road to Albion Falls. Continue on Mud Street to the Mud Street parking lot. Here, the Bruce Trail enters the Red Hill Valley.

 The falls are surrounded with parking areas which are free. If you don’t feel comfortable walking down the steep hills to get to the falls, the good news is, there are many photo opportunities available without actually being close to the falls.




Photo Credit: @yvonne_khadra

Situated in the beautiful forested Spencer Gorge Conservation Area, the waterfall features a two-tier rock formation that surging waters spill over into a gorgeous pool of water below. These falls are a famous tourist spot since it was purchased by the Webster family in 1819.
Throughout the year, you can spot nightly light shows at the falls which is worth the trip!
To reach Webster’s Falls via a walking trail, loop down the Spencer Gorge and back up the escarpment on the Bruce Trail.
Note: there is an entrance fee of $5 per person once you get to The Spencer Gorge Conservation Area.
What are some of your favourite waterfalls in Ontario?
xo, Yvonne K.

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