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Benefit Cosmetics Launch the New BADgal Bang! | Makeup Review

February 2, 2018

Just a few weeks ago, I was sent a sample to try the new Benefit Cosmetics BADgal Bang! mascara. I was super excited because it’s supposed to add volume to your lashes without weighing them down.

BADgal Bang! Volumizing mascara

BADgal Bang! Volumizing mascara is supposed to be a smudge-proof, flake-free, water-resistant, and includes ProVitamin B5 known to fuel thickness & strength.

Benefit Cosmetics evaluated 102 women and found that:

90% saw dramatic volume**

94% said it instantly lifted lashes**

92% said it lengthened lashes**


BADgal Bang! Volumizing mascara

The BADgal Bang! mascara comes with a Slimpact! brush which makes it so much easier to separate your lashes. The wand consists of 300 soft half-cone shaped bristles that do not pick up too much product, just the right amount! As soon as you open the tube, you’ll notice how shiny and glossy the formula is. This is a jet black mascara and one coat seems to be enough for a natural/everyday makeup look. The formula feels thinner and doesn’t weigh down my lashes thanks to an innovative ingredient called ‘aero particles’.

A good tip for application: start at the base of your lashes, wiggle your way up for added volume, separate your lashes with the tip of the wand and, voila!

Is It Smudge Proof?

I wore this mascara when I watched a sad movie, cried my eyes out (why do we like doing that to ourselves)? lol and I did not have panda eyes! Keep in mind, I only had the mascara on my top lashes.

The Verdict?

I’m usually very picky with my mascaras and I don’t like spending more than I have to so I typically opt for amazing drugstore formulas. However, the BADgal Bang! mascara by Benefit Cosmetics will join my top mascara list! It’s truly volumizing and even lengthens lashes if you know how to work that wand. This mascara will be within my reach for a very long time!

xo, Yvonne K.


Review: Lotus Youth Preserve Face Cream – Fresh | Sephora

January 31, 2018

Fresh has a face cream that changed my life! It’s the Lotus Youth Preserve Face Cream.

Youth Lotus Preserve Face Cream

Here’s why I love it:

Since it’s Winter where I live, my skin has been looking dull and dry! This Lotus Youth Preserve Face Cream completely took care of my dry skin, (especially on my nose).

My face finally has a natural glow to it!

I use this as a makeup primer because it is super lightweight and doesn’t feel greasy.

I have combination skin and this never makes me look oily throughout the day.

No awful scent! It’s so simple and easy to add to my daily routine.

You can purchase the Lotus Youth Preserve Face Cream at Sephora 🙂

*Please do a skin test before committing to this face cream! All skin reacts differently.

xo, Yvonne K.


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Pros and Cons: Kat Von D Shade + Light Contour Palette

January 29, 2018

Great news: I’ve finally purchased the Kat Von D Shade + Light Face Contour Palette and I’m excited to share my thoughts on it with you!

Kat Von D Shade + Light Face Contour Palette

Let me start with the pros:

If you follow my blog, you know I love unique looking packaging and Kat Von D wins my heart each and every time. The contour palette comes in a sturdy cardboard box and since I ordered it online, I was pleased to see how well it was packaged. It’s a black and silver palette that’s perfect to travel with which made me so very happy. The edgy look of this palette surely influenced my decision to purchase it, and, oh, the shades of course!

Once you open the Kat Von D Shade + Light Face Contour Palette, you will see that it comes with a handy guide for how to define cheekbones, slim the face and shape the nose. Inside the palette is a full-sized mirror which is super helpful for those of you who travel quite frequently! The palette closes shut with secure magnets so don’t worry when you put it in your makeup bag or your purse, it’s not easy for it to open.

The shade and light contour palette comes with 6 different matte powders, three of which are highlight shades and three of which are contouring and bronzing shades. The highlight shades are smaller than the contouring shades (which is a con). On the bright side, you won’t be using the highlight shades as much as the contour shades. The best news is that the contour shades are all different and can be used for different makeup looks. This palette will transform your contour. I’ve used other contour palettes and a lot of them throw very similar contour shades which is quite limiting for someone who wants to experiment and try different shades.

All of the shades have unique names and it adds to the fun of makeup application! Keep in mind these are all refillable so once you run out of a shade, you just have to purchase the one shade!

Lucid: This is a pale pink/beige toned powder which will work better for brightening up the under-eye circles for those of you with pale/fair skin. I use this shade to set my concealer. You can mix the highlight shades to create the best results for your skin tone.

Lyric: this has to be my favorite banana powder ever! What I love most about it is it instantly brightens up my face and it’s not messy when applied with a brush. I try not to use too much of it because I want to save it for special occasions or glam looks.

Levitation: This is a great setting powder for deeper skin tones. It may look orange in the palette but it swatches lighter and blends on the skin quite smoothly. Also the orange tone can work well at correcting dark/ashy tones.

Sombre: So you want that chiseled look? This is the shade for you. Trust me, I have noticed the difference it makes to my face. The fatty foods I consumed during the holidays are not a big deal to me since I’ve been cheating with this shade! Also for any of you who like to nose contour a little this will be your best friend.

Shadowplay: This shade is darker and slightly warmer than Sombre, meaning you can get a great contour with this as well as a fake touch of sun. I usually reach for this shade when I need a quick bronzed look.

Subconscious: This is the darkest shade in the palette but it would be hard for someone who has pale/light skin to use it for a quick look without looking muddy. You must blend this shade very well to avoid that muddy look! If you have fair skin, I highly recommend mixing it with a powder foundation so that it doesn’t appear too harsh on the skin or leave you with any visible lines. The trick is to blend well and I do find that you have to blend like crazy when applying this shade so it isn’t my go-to shade, that’s for sure.

The powder formula in the Kat Von D Shade + Light Face Contour Palette is quite pigmented and very soft. One thing I did notice is you need to lightly dip your brush into the pan because the brush will lift more powder than you will need. I find that one stroke of the brush into the powder is enough for a desired look. The pans should last you a long time if you don’t go crazy and dip your brush too hard into the pans.

This is a great palette for those of you who want value for your money. The powders will last you a very long time as you don’t need to use a lot to achieve a highlight and contour look.

Therefore, the biggest con is the size of the highlight shades compared to the contour shades but like I mentioned above, you won’t be using the highlight shades as much as the contour shades!

xo, Yvonne K.

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Full Review and Swatches: Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Foundation by FENTY BEAUTY

January 9, 2018

I’ve been waiting to review the Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Foundation by FENTY BEAUTY for weeks now! Well, it’s finally here!

    Fenty Foundation Review

Warning: Do not try to guess which colour would match you looking at swatches online, go into the store and get the right colour for your skin. Remember, the foundation dries a bit darker so going into the store is a must!

As you can see from the image above, there are 40 different shades featured in the Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Foundation by FENTY BEAUTY. The shades range from light to deep tones, luckily, if you can’t find the perfect shade for you, you can even mix two shades.

Fenty Foundation

After three attempts, I finally found a shade that matches my skin tone. I’m currently using the shade #200 because I have olive toned skin but it gets lighter during the winter time. I will most likely need to darken the shade in the summer but if you’re like me, you know that mixing foundations can be even better than sticking to just one. If you’d like to try this foundation, you can purchase it at any Sephora store.

Fenty Foundation

Make sure to shake the bottle well before applying it to your skin because this is a fast drying formula. In addition, you should use a primer before applying any foundation so that you can avoid any unevenness or any blotchiness. I like to use this foundation only for going out on the weekends because I prefer the “no foundation look” on most days.


You will notice that this foundation is easy to blend and dries pretty quickly upon application but isn’t chalky or too dry looking in case you’re wondering about that. For full coverage, I prefer the dry look and using a foundation brush to apply it to my face. For a dewy look, I opt for a damp beauty blender and by doing this, you can have full control over how much coverage you want this foundation to give you.

I suggest pumping on your fingertips and then applying the foundation on one side of your face to avoid any dryness or patchy areas. I love the foundation but since it is a matte finish, it dries VERY FAST so you don’t want to prep both sides of your face, just prep one side and blend it into your skin in a fast yet gentle motion.


Absolutely, however, only if you set it with a loose powder! Please don’t forget to set your makeup if you plan on having it on all day. You will notice that you have to touch up once or twice throughout the day and that is if you have oily areas on your face like me. If you are someone who is constantly on the go but want a natural foundation, the  Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Foundation by FENTY BEAUTY is perfect for you.


I’ve only taken one picture wearing this foundation and it definitely lives up to the reviews. It is a great and affordable foundation that can be worn during photoshoots, live videos and any on-camera moments!


It’s quite affordable, allows my skin to breathe without clogging my pores, it is an oil-free formula and it is 100% cruelty free!!!! Thank you Rihanna!


Fenty Beauty delivers one of the best foundations I’ve used in a long time. Although I rarely wear foundation, this is the one I’ll be reaching for when I need one! At a solid price point and a lot of product for your buck, you’ll be favouriting this foundation in no time!

xo, Yvonne K.


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Makeup Obsessed: Kat Von D Saint & Sinner Eyeshadow Palette

January 5, 2018

Hey everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday!

The Kat Von D Saint & Sinner Eyeshadow Palette was a Christmas gift to myself and I have so much to say about it!

Kat Von D Saint & Sinner Eyeshadow Palette

Kat Von D Saints & Sinners Palette

As you can see, this is a stunningly beautiful eyeshadow palette! I love the packaging and I absolutely love the trending colours that come in the palette. I usually throw makeup boxes out right after I open them, but I saved this one!

The Kat Von D Saints & Sinners Palette is a two-sided palette that opens like French doors (how cool is that). One side is the Saints side which features lighter/softer shades  and the other is the Sinner side which features bolder shades. This eyeshadow palette comes with 24 unique shades that are quite bendable and easy to apply.

You get everything in this palette, from mattes, shimmers, metallics, and special effect glimmer shades. The colors are all very nuanced and different than most of the palettes on the market. The shades are perfect for someone who wants to have everything in one palette.

After researching this palette, I found out that the shades were inspired by the colors you see in stained glass windows in churches and the kaleidoscope effect they have when light dances through them.

Kat Von D Saint and Sinner Palette

Starting from the Bottom to Top: Heaven, Rapture, Worship, Immaculate, Devil, Exodus and Revelation

Heaven: Described as a metallic silver but with just one swatch this colour blew me away! The shade is highly pigmented and very smooth.

Rapture: This is a rosy pink with pink super glimmer. This shade tends to have heavy fallout but fortunately, it performs when applied with a wet brush. This is a warm rosy pink that can be a shade you use to enhance a pink or a red shade.

Worship: Described as a pearlescent eggplant. Its super pigmented but the finish is a restrained metallic, a true pearlized finish.

Immaculate: This shade reminds me of an olive green. This is a subtle shade that can be deepened if more product is applied.

Devil: This is a matte pumpkin orange. This shade excites me and I can’t wait to use it. Blends so beautifully on the eyes with or without an eyeshadow primer!

Exodus: Described as chartreuse with gold glitter. This is beautifully pigmented and I can’t wait to use it!

Revelation: This a brown with gold glitter that I’d like to use for a super glam look.

Overall, I’m incredibly pleased with this palette! It was such a great purchase because it has 24 versatile shades and finishes.

Let me just say that the Kat Von D Saints & Sinners Palette is one of my all-time favourite makeup purchases!


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SHOP: Blogger Approved Winter Essentials

November 30, 2017

winter style fashion

Winter is just around the corner and that means it’s the perfect season to purchase cozy sweaters, beauty products that help prevent dry irritated skin or even a scarf that will keep you nice and warm!

Here are a few tips that will help you get through the winter months:

Tip #1: When buying products for the winter, try to find items that you can wear year after year! I like shopping for timeless pieces that can be worn next year as well. Check out sales at department stores or go to your local vintage shop to find items that you know will last you a very long time.

Tip #2: Keep in mind, winter feels like the longest season, and it really is, (if you ask me), therefore, its best to purchase comfortable clothing because you’ll be stuck wearing them for a few months. Choose a coat that keeps you warm and looks stylish. The worst thing is to look amazing but feel uncomfortable out in the cold!

Tip #3: My skin tends to dry up and get irritated during the winter months so I’ve tried and tested a few products that help this common problem. Remember to stay consistent with your beauty routine- cleanse, tone and moisturize! Moisturizing is the most important step during the harsh winter months. I like using moisturizers that are oil free because I have combination skin.

I hope these tips were helpful! I’ve rounded up some of my winter essentials including some that are on SALE right now! Just use the arrows to swipe left or right:

xo, Yvonne.

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Last Minute Halloween Makeup Idea – Demon Girl

October 23, 2017

A costume is one thing, but the makeup really completes the look! For those of you who are struggling to find an easy last minute Halloween costume, I highly recommend recreating this demon girl!

last minute halloween makeup demon girl halloween makeup

last minute halloween makeup

last minute halloween makeup


How to Achieve this Look:


Primed my eyelids with the e.l.f. Cosmetics Shadow Lock Eyelid Primer.

Used Kat Von D’s Saint and Sinner Eyeshadow Palette for the eyes: ‘Martyr’ in the Crease, ‘Rosary’ + ‘Exorcism’ on my lids, ‘Baptism’ + ‘Heaven’ on the inner corners of my eyes.

For mascara: Eyeko Black Magic Mascara

Contacts: Blackout


Apply a makeup primer, I used the NYX Cosmetics Studio-Perfect Photo Loving Primer.

Apply a foundation, I used the Too Faced Born this Way Foundation (I love it).

Apply a concealer, I used the NYX Studio Photogenic Concealer

Set your foundation and concealer! I used the Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder.

To contour, I used the darkest shade in the NYX Studio Photogenic Concealer and blended it with a sculpting brush by Tarte.

Use a highlight (my favourite step), I used Tarte’s Pro Glow Highlight and Contour Palette, used ‘Strobe’ to highlight my cupid’s bow, tip of my nose and cheeks

For blush: Tarte’s Amazonian Clay 12 hour Blush in True Love.

For the paint splatter on the one side of the face: I used a Purple Body Paint and a thin brush, I dipped the brush with the paint and splattered it on the one side of my face along with my neck.

You can use any type of rhinestones or pearls on your face and neck! I just purchased mine at the Dollar Store!


NYX Slide on Lip Liner in ‘Baby Pink’

For the Lipstick:NYX Cosmetics Lip Lingerie in ‘Baby Pink Nude’

Add a glossy effect using the Milani Brilliant Shine Lip Gloss in ‘01Bare Secret’



Once you’ve finished applying all of the products above, you can set your makeup with a setting spray! I use the Urban Decay All Nighter long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray.


If you have any questions about this last minute Halloween look, leave a comment below! Happy Halloween everyone 🙂

Xo, Yvonne K.

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Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Review

October 17, 2017

As soon as I heard that Sally Hansen released an at home gel nail polish,  I was stoked! I tested these polishes out and before you continue reading, I am happy to share that: I absolutely LOVE them!

Loving the new gel manicure by @sally_hansen 💅🏻This gel lasts for two weeks! #review #ontheblog #linkinbio 🍁🍂

A post shared by Y V O N N E. 🦄 (@yvonne_khadra) on

Sally Hansen introduces the at home gel nail polish that does not require any light. You do not have to cure this polish and it lasts for 2 weeks! This has completely changed my nail polish game everyone! I used to spend so much money on salon gel manicures and I must add that my nails were became extremely damaged and brittle. I save myself time and money by using this new line of gel polishes by Sally Hansen. I purchased the colour spice age along with the top coat to ensure that my polish lasts for two weeks.

These polishes wear a lot like traditional gel manicures – stays glossy and chip-free for 14 days! I should  mention that it is very easy to apply and to remove this gel polish.

I used this gel polish as a last resort, I was getting sick of going to the salon all of the time. This gel polish has solved every gripe I had with gel manicures—like the fact that I had to wait for the polish to cure under an LED lamp and then get it scraped off or soak my fingers in acetone. This gel polish goes on and comes off exactly like regular polish: two coats of a base-plus-colour formula and one layer of the topcoat. It dries in five minutes—yes, that’s right! There are 40 shades to choose from and all have a glossy finish. I tried and tested this gel polish and I’m so excited to spread the news that I had no chips during the first week, I did get my first chip during the end of the second week but the polish still looked presentable. Keep in mind that I’m constantly keeping my home clean, doing the dishes and other household chores. I’m beyond happy about this gel polish and can’t wait to try different colours!

xo, Yvonne K.


Three Eyeshadow Palettes You Should Try This Fall

October 12, 2017

It’s always a treat when I buy a new eyeshadow palette for myself! I thought I would share three of my favourite eyeshadow palettes that will inspire some amazing fall looks!


Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette

I bought this palette over 2 years ago and I find myself reaching for it whenever I need to create an everyday yet glam look. This palette includes colours that are wearable for any occasion. It has a mix of pinks, coppers and taupes and with 12 shades to choose from, it’s perfect for when you need to take your look from simple to special.

NYX Ultimate Shadow Palette | Warm Neutrals

This palette is certainly an affordable yet luxurious in my opinion. It is brighter and bolder but all of the shades are easy to wear. I tend to use this palette when I am going out for a party and when I want a dramatic look on my eyes. I’m not a huge fan of dark eyeshadows but this palette can help you create an edgy and modern look. This palette is so perfect in size so you can bring it with you on vacation!

Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture Palette

At last, the best for last! This palette received so many awful reviews before it came out but I absolutely love it! It has an array of colours to choose from. I’ve been trying to learn the cut crease look and this palette has been doing me a huge favour. The colours are easy to blend and very creamy. I also used this palette to create some Halloween, (just a FYI for those of you who are into that type of makeup!) The best part is that this palette features matte and metallic shades which is such a help when you want to change your look from day to night.


What’s your favourite eyeshadow palette to use during the fall?

xo, Yvonne K.




August 23, 2017

 It is heartbreaking to think about the cruelty that some animals face just for the sake of makeup and money. It is my dream to help raise awareness about any form of animal cruelty that goes on in many countries around the world. In today’s post, I will help you distinguish and recognize the brands that are not cruelty free and also offer you a list of brands that are 100% cruelty free. I truly believe that there has been enough testing already and these companies should know what products are harmful to humans by now!

What Does Cruelty Free Mean?

Cruelty free only applies to makeup products that are NOT tested on any animals anywhere in the world.

*Any company that makes products in China tests on animals.

How Do You Know if a Brand is Cruelty Free?

I like to use Logical Harmony and Cruelty Free Kitty to research if a product is safe to use. Both websites will offer long lists of products that do not test on animals and also products that are not cruelty free. Beware that some products that once were cruelty free are no longer cruelty free. Make sure you do your own research by visiting the brand’s website. If the site does not have any information on this crucial information then you should e-mail the brand to find out! If the brand states that there are exceptions, that means they are NOT cruelty free! If their FAQ states that they do not test on animals but they manufacture some products in China, that means they DO test on animals.

Pay Attention to the Logos!

When you’re shopping in stores, look for the 3 logos below — and only these.

However, always remember that a company can be cruelty-free even without displaying any logo, so make sure to do your research!


Brands That Test On Animals




Cover Girl


NARS (recently switched to testing on animals)

Estee Lauder


Make Up For Ever


Elizabeth Arden

Victoria’s Secret

This list features some of the brands that test on animals, there are too many to list here but make sure you always refer to Logical Harmony and Cruelty Free Kitty!

Brands That Are Cruelty Free


Josie Maran

Ren Skincare

Skin Iceland


Kate Somerville

Sunday Riley



Dose of Colours

It Cosmetics

Anastasia Beverly Hills

The Balm


Physicians Formula

Too Faced



Charlotte Tilbury

Cover FX

Kat Von D

Marc Jacobs


Let’s start buying more cruelty free products so that companies stop investing their time and money into testing on animals! If you are not convinced yet, over 100 million animals in the United States alone are tortured and killed for animal testing.

For cosmetics tests, most animals used are bunnies, guinea pigs, mice, and rats. They often die from the experiments.

Dogs are often used in medical research. They’re subjected to particularily invasive tests for cardiology, endocrinology, and bone studies. In 2013, 67,772 dogs were used in research in the United States.

Cats are often used in neurological studies. Half of the tests cats are subjected to can “cause pain or distress”. In 2013, 24,221 cats were used in research in the United States.

Non-human primates, especially macaques but also monkeys, baboons, and chimpanzees, are used in a multitude of experiments. They take part in toxicology, AIDS, hepatitis, reproduction, and xenotransplantation tests among others. Over 70,000 non-human primates are subjected to tests every year in the United States and European Union.

For more information, go here.

There’s nothing that justifies animal testing in the 21st century. It’s a cruel and outdated practice that’s not only unethical but also unnecessary.

If enough of us purchase from cruelty-free brands and boycott those that test on animals, it means things are going to change. If L’Oreal did their market research today and 98% of those interviewed claimed that they would never buy a product that was tested on animals, L’Oreal would reconsider their position. Hard. Because they want to sell their products. That’s all that matters to a big business!

What Else Can You Do to Help?

Sign Petitions

The first petition I would urge everyone to sign is the Petition to Pass the Humane Cosmetics Act. This means that a ban could be issued on animal testing for cosmetics in the United States. Whether or not you live in the U.S., please sign this petition. Passing this bill would be a huge victory!

For Canadians, you can sign this petition started by Cruelty Free International to End Cosmetics Animal Testing in Canada by December 2015.

I also urge you to sign this petition, geared towards L’Oreal to Stop Animal Testing. It’s getting good traction. Keep in mind that although L’Oreal reduced its animal testing in recent years, the company still refuses to go 100% cruelty-free.


The Dodo is an awesome news site dedicated to animal rights and animal welfare. It’s also filled with informative posts.

One Green Planet is exactly what the name implies: everything good for the planet and eco-friendly, and this includes animal welfare. This is one of my favorite sites.

Humane Society International is an amazing organization working toward the end of animal testing worldwide. I have tremendous respect for this organization and they’re achieving a ton of great things! Please support them!

Join Campaigns

Be Cruelty-Free is Humane Society International’s campaign to end animal testing. You can sign the pledge and participate in their projects.

Cruelty-Free International is a worldwide organization working against animal testing. You can help them out in a number of ways — all listed on their site!

I hope this post helped clear up some things about animal testing! I appreciate all of the support and wish you the best of luck on your cruelty free journey!

xo, Yvonne K.