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How to Be Happy in A World of Social Media

July 25, 2018

The other day, I had a long phone conversation with a good friend of mine. As I listened to her cry, I realized that it’s so hard to be enough in a not enough world. She was talking to me about how she feels so depressed when she scrolls through her Instagram feed.

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We all find ourselves perusing the social media channels that are so available at the palm of our hands. We all get that feeling of not being happy when we see other people living their best lives. The one thing we don’t realize is the fact that most people only share their highs and leave out their lows.

Comparison is a horrible thing and social media doesn’t help. For the record, I happen to adore following my friends on Instagram and keeping up with my family on Facebook. It can be a wonderful thing. However, it also beckons you and me to secret places of feeling bad about who we are and what we are doing in life.

What do you do when you don’t feel good enough because comparison is knocking at your door? Here are four tips you can try:

Gain Perspective: Remind yourself that you’re enough, you’re unique, and that you’re in a different stage in life than that person who has traveled the world, won awards, and fulfilled their goals. Everyone’s accomplishments happen at the right stage in their lives. If you want something, go get it! Stop comparing yourself to others and focus on yourself.

Alter that Mindset: When an unwanted thought pops into your head, immediately try to smack that ugly down! Start taking into consideration all of the things you love about yourself. Appreciate yourself and if something about yourself bothers you: try to fix it instead of creating a bubble of low self-confidence that looms over your head every time you are on Instagram or Facebook. Keep a list of things you are grateful for, things you need to work on, and what makes you happy.

Celebrate Success: A great way to combat comparison is to honour other people. Celebrate the wins of friends and family and encourage them to pursue their dreams. We are all in this together and if we don’t have each other’s backs, who will? Someone else’s win isn’t a loss for you; this world is big enough for us all to dream, to be, and to succeed!

• Switch off! Make sure you have some down time without social media. As much as I’m so grateful for doing this as a job, like any job I need to take a break from it. You can’t be working 24-7. When you feel anxious about it, just switch off and get out of the house without your phone. Trust me, it helps!

Enjoy your own journey, stop focusing on other people’s lives and what they are doing. Social media started as a way to connect with people and stay in touch with them, however, over the years, it has become a way of life, in a sense that, most people rely on their likes and engagement in order to feel wanted and appreciated. Don’t rely on social media for your real happiness. Real happiness is being confident with who you are and being able to scroll through Facebook or Instagram and feel happy for other people’s accomplishments without feeling low about yourself. Start looking at how far you’ve come, and believe that you are enough in a world of social media.

I hope this post helped you, Yvonne K. xo


Food Lifestyle Recipes

5 Beauty Smoothies You Need to be Sipping On

August 17, 2017

A few years ago, I started drinking smoothies every morning and noticed a BIG difference in my skin. Sure, we can slather on serums and wear hydrating masks to get better looking skin, but one of the easiest and most holistic ways to better your skin lies in what you eat. I love you all and want you to have radiant skin so I’ve conjured up a bunch of delicious, skin-beautifying concoctions from my very own fridge!

The Ultimate Green Smoothie


1 cup romaine lettuce

1 cup spinach

1 handful of parsley

3 celery stalks

1/2 cup of cucumber, chopped

1 apple, cored

1/2 of an avocado

2 small pieces of raw ginger


Strawberry Chocolate Goodness


1 Cup Coconut Water

1/2 cup strawberries (fresh or frozen)

1 banana

2 tbsp. raw cacao powder

1 tbsp. maca powder

1 cup milk or almond milk

1 handful chocolate chips


Banana Lovin’


1 cup coconut water

1 banana

1 cup milk of your choice

1 cup fresh spinach


Blueberry Detox


12 oz. almond milk or nut milk of choice

1/2 banana

1/2 avocado

1-2 dates

1 handful of blueberries


Clear Skin Smoothie


1 glass of cold coconut milk

1 glass coconut water

1 tbsp. acai powder

1 tbsp. goji berries

1 tbsp. raw cacao powder

1 tbsp. chia seeds

What are your favourite smoothies? Share them in the comments section below 🙂

xo, Yvonne K.



August 9, 2017

Things can get pretty hectic with everything going on in your life. Whether it’s you going back to school, starting a new job, or trying to find time to complete daily tasks. It can be difficult to feel motivated for success if life is a huge mess to begin with. Here are 5 ways that can help you to stay on top of everything going on in your busy life and bring you closer to the success that you want.


I love using a planner to keep myself on track and organized. If you have a lot on your plate and you simply can’t keep track of everything you need to do throughout the day then you need a planner. One planner that I highly recommend is the Happy Planner.


Bullet journals are ideal for people who like to keep things simple with to do’s and lists. There are many ways you can use a bullet journal. You can create a customized key for your daily tasks, or just keep it simple with bullet points of what needs to get done that day.


Learning to manage your money will save you so much time and also, bring you closer to your goals. For example, you find it hard to save money every month because you don’t keep track of your spending so owning your own business looks like a dream right now. If you want to track your spending, try using Mint, which is a free budgeting app. I like it because it helps you create budgets, it’s right at your fingertips and it’s very easy to use.


What better tool to organize your life than what’s already installed on your phones. If you hate writing things down and keeping yourself organized that way, then you can use your phone. There are many apps that can help organize your appointments, schedules, tasks, weekly/monthly goals and to do’s.

My Favourite Apps to Use Are:

Google Calendar: This app is great because it syncs up with all of your devices, so you have your calendar on most of the devices you use.

Notes (Already installed on your iPhone): This app keeps you organized and you can add specific titles so that it’s easier to find each note. If you constantly think of new ideas, then this app is for you.


Allocate twice as much time for a task as you think it will take. This accommodates for interruptions and stopping to get more information.

How do you keep your life organized?

xo, Yvonne K.

Lifestyle Travel


August 4, 2017

HBO’s Game of Thrones has inspired globe-trotters to make their own epic journey to some of the real-life places that are featured in the show. Season seven has begun and for those of you who are interested, I’ve rounded up the best places to visit if you’d like to walk in the footsteps of your favourite characters from  Game of Thrones.


There are dozens of filming locations in Northern Ireland because a lot of the green screen shots were done at Titanic Studios in Belfast. I’ve chosen my favourite locations in Northern Ireland because there are way too many to list!

Photo By: Moment Open/Getty Images

The King’s Road (The Dark Hedges)

The Dark Hedges in Northern Ireland have played a major role in the Game of Thrones story, serving as the setting for the King’s road. In addition, the area that surrounds the Dark Hedges should be a must-see for any fan, since it has been used to film Winterfell, Castle Black and the Stark family war encampment.

Photo By: Moment Open/ Getty Images

Mourne Mountains

Northern Ireland’s Mourne Mountains provided the scenery for Dany’s entrance into the Dothraki holy land. Of course, the Dothraki fighting horse statues are missing, so you’ll just have to imagine the iconic gate when you visit these breathtaking mountains.

Photo By: Moment Open/ Getty Images

Downhill Beach and Mussenden Temple

Serving as the backdrop for Dragonstone Castle and Blackwater Bay, Downhill Beach was where Melisandre burned the old gods, issuing a new religion for Stannis’ followers.

Most of these attractions are located close together which makes it easier for you to visit them all in a day.

For the die hard fans:

Go on a Winterfell Tour!

“Fun tours include the award winning GOT archery experience in the Winterfell movie set, film location cycle tour (15 locations on demesne) and quirky overnight Glamping breaks. Based just 40 minutes from Belfast, the activity centre has been made famous by the filming of Game of Thrones on it site – Castle Ward Demesne”.



Photo By: Image Source/Getty Images


King’s Landing, or as it’s known in real life, Dubrovnik, a Croatian city nested on the shore of the Adriatic Sea. Durbovnik’s stone walls, dramatic cliffs and amazing views make it the perfect seat for the king(s) of Westeros.



Photo By: Free Stock Photo/ Pixabay


The walled city of Mdina was Malta’s first capital city. A maze of tangled streets built in golden limestone, it’s a favourite of film directors looking for a medieval-looking location. The fight between Jaime Lannister and Ned Stark that concluded with the latter’s capture was shot here – you all know what happened afterwards.



Winter is definitely here, and it looks like Iceland will be featured in season seven. This isn’t the first time that Iceland was featured in the series, in fact, it was also featured in season two. You will get a glimpse of the country’s frozen landscapes which have attracted fans from around the world to the little island in the North Atlantic.

Photo By: Travelnet

Gullfoss Waterfall

Gullfoss (Golden Waterfall) is an iconic waterfall of Iceland offering a spectacular view of untouched nature. Gullfoss is part of the Golden Circle tour, located in South Iceland on the Hvítá (White) river which is fed by Iceland’s second biggest glacier, the Langjökull. The water plummets down 32 meters in two stages into a rugged canyon which walls reach up to 70 meters in height. On a sunny day shimmering rainbow can be seen over the falls.



Photo By: E+/ Getty Images


This historic bastion in Essaouira, Morocco, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It also happens to have played the part of Astapor, the slave-trading city where Daenerys freed the Unsullied, including everyone’s favourite: Grey Worm.



Photo By: Macall B. Polay/ courtesy HBO

Alcazar (Seville)

In Seville, the upper levels of the Alcazar are home to the royal family, but the palatial estate’s lush gardens are transformed into the Water Gardens of Dorne in the Game of Thrones’ fourth and fifth seasons. The Alcazar’s staircases are so narrow that the production crew had to use cranes to transport equipment up to a few of the palace’s balconies. More than 8,000 visitors converge on the Alcazar each day, making it one of the most-visited attractions in Seville.


More Game of Thrones Travel Destinations:

Roman Bridge of Cordoba 


Basque Country

San Juan De Gaztelugatxe







August 3, 2017

Falling in love can be easy but breaking up is often hard to do. Getting over a breakup can be even harder to do but we all have it in us.



Two years ago, I was in a long-term relationship that ended after our four-year anniversary. Instead of growing together, we grew apart. We used to do everything together such as work together, eat together and go on trips together. After the breakup, it was so hard picturing my life without that person. Everything seemed dull and I felt like the excitement I once knew had vanished from my life. That’s where I was wrong, but at the time, I couldn’t see how that thought process was harmful to me.

Days turned into months and months into years, and I can confidently admit that time and self-love both heal pain. When I was at my lowest, I was lucky enough to surround myself with people who cared about my well-being. I became very close with someone during that time and I’ll never forget how my pain brought us together.

Sometimes when we are in a bad relationship or we are unhappy in the relationship, we tend to stay because we have grown to be so content with the way our lives have become. One thing I kept thinking to myself while trying to move on was “this is a period of growth and I’m going to be fine because I was doing just fine before that person”.

The following is an analogy that truly helped during my most heartbreaking times, it is by Tyler Perry

“I have this tree analogy when I think of people in my life, be it friends, family, acquaintances, employees, co-workers, whomever…They are all placed inside what I call my tree test”. It goes like this:

Leaf People
Some people come into your life and they are like leaves on a tree. They are only there for a season. You can’t depend on them or count on them because they are weak and only there to give you shade. Like leaves, they are there to take what they need and as soon as it gets cold or a wind blows in your life they are gone. You can’t be angry at them, it’s just who they are.

Branch People
There are some people who come into your life and they are like branches on a tree. They are stronger than leaves, but you have to be careful with them. They will stick around through most seasons, but if you go through a storm or two in your life it’s possible that you could lose them. Most times they break away when it’s tough. Although they are stronger than leaves, you have to test them out before you run out there and put all your weight on them. In most cases they can’t handle too much weight. But again, you can’t be mad with them, it’s just who they are.

Root People
If you can find some people in your life who are like the roots of a tree then you have found something special. Like the roots of a tree, they are hard to find because they are not trying to be seen. Their only job is to hold you up and help you live a strong and healthy life. If you thrive, they are happy. They stay low key and don’t let the world know that they are there. And if you go through an awful storm they will hold you up. Their job is to hold you up, come what may, and to nourish you, feed you and water you.

Just as a tree has many limbs and many leaves, there are few roots. Look at your own life. How many leaves, branches and roots do you have? What are you in other people’s lives?


One of the things that I had to learn quickly after going through my breakup was how to be okay on my own. I was so hard on myself and I didn’t have the confidence to just love who I was at the time. I know you may have heard this before but you can’t possibly love someone else if you don’t love yourself. Trust me, it’s not that easy, I know that. You should be the best version of yourself for you and not for anyone else.

After my breakup, I didn’t like going home and I absolutely hated being alone so I spent most of my days making new friends and going out to concerts, went on trips and started to work more hours at my job just to avoid being alone. However, I eventually broke down and I needed to just face my emotions and go through the process of letting go. Although meeting up with friends helped, I needed to cope with my sadness on my own as well and let me tell you, that was the hardest part. Talking to people who have moved on from a heartbreak helped me realize that there is hope.

The best thing I did for myself after getting hurt was creating a “new normal” by changing my regular day to day routine that I had. This was very hard to do since I live in a small city and a lot reminded me of the relationship but it forced me to get out of my comfort zone and try new things.

I took the time to go on a journey of learning to love myself without being with anyone else. I discovered so much about who I am. As a result, I focused on this blog, made so many incredible friendships along the way and faced countless opportunities that probably wouldn’t have even happened if I continued to be sad and make excuses for myself.


Here are some tips for getting over an ex: do not check their social media because that will only keep you from moving on, don’t compare yourself to people in successful relationships (they’ve had their fair share of struggles and there is no perfect relationship), don’t let your relationship status define who you are and let go of material possessions that remind you of that person.

Always remember: a relationship is not the be-all and end-all of your life!

xo, Yvonne K.






July 27, 2017

I’m tired of reading all of the overnight success stories online and you just might be feeling the same way as I do. The reason why? Success isn’t something that happens overnight or within a few days, it happens when we get off our lazy butts and work towards a goal each and every day.

The best piece of advice I’ve received in regards to accomplishing my goals is to start now and to stop making excuses!



I am not a morning person and anyone who knows me will agree. However, I find that when I get an early start to my day it means that I am setting up my intentions for the day. As a result of waking up early, I am able to plan out and organize the tasks and daily goals that I have in mind. If you have trouble waking up early, why not try to have something to look forward to every morning that will make it easier for you to get out of bed?

My mornings used to be so unorganized!

I remember driving to work a few years ago and I was in a huge rush to get there that I forgot my purse at home! Once I started waking up earlier, my mornings became easier and I was able to set goals for the day without any stress involved.


Let me tell you that once you create a regular routine, you won’t have to “find time” to accomplish your goals. I know how easy it is to think “oh I’m too tired, I’ll do it tomorrow”. Trust me, I’ve been there many times! Having a goal-oriented routine makes it easier to stay disciplined and it definitely makes it easier to do. This means if you want to accomplish all of your goals, you will eventually have to do things you don’t feel like doing sometimes. It’s okay to feel like you just want to give up but you will miss out on the benefits of accomplishing your goals if you do decide to take the easy way out which is: quitting.

I write all of my goals in my yearly planner and next to each goal I write which date it needs to be accomplished by. By writing down my goals in an agenda, it helps me to stay focused and on schedule.


Start off by setting small goals on a daily basis because small goals facilitate progress. Setting small goals first can keep you from feeling overwhelmed or disappointed when experiencing a setback. Break down your bigger goals into smaller ones and take it one step at a time.


You should learn about the success and habits of successful people because their journeys can be inspiring to you. However, don’t compare how successful they are to your success because this will only cause you to feel stressed, less motivated to accomplish your goals and will slow down your process.

Nowadays, it is super easy to search a famous person’s social media page and feel like you are not on the right track in terms of your success. Remember, they had to work for it too, stop stressing yourself out and just do it! The less time spent on social media means the more time you will have for your own goals!


I remember thinking to myself, “accomplishing some things can be so difficult and time consuming”. Therefore, I decided to treat myself each time I set a goal and accomplished it. Reward yourself with small things such as a new makeup product, a new book, a trip to your local vintage shop, etc.

Just remember to be grateful for what you already have and that it is okay to pursue more!

Xo, Yvonne K.



Current Lifestyle Favourites

July 26, 2017
No makeup product reviews today, instead I’m sharing my current non beauty related things I’ve been loving lately. I’ve rounded up some of my current lifestyle favourites that I thought  you may also enjoy!
I’ve been so obsessed with floral scents lately and after a trip to a lavender garden, I’ve been completely in love with lavender essential oils, body creams and candles! I found an incredible Face + Body Lotion by The Honest Company that does not leave your face or body feeling oily after application. I like using this body lotion before going to bed because it helps me sleep better 🙂

If you love candles, I have been loving the Peony and Blush Suede Candle by Jo Malone.  It is a bit pricey but it lasts for such a long time! The scent is simply rejuvenating and lifts my mood after a long day.

A great yoga inspired fitness app that I recently discovered called Asana Rebel allows you to set fitness goals and focus on your health and fitness right from the comfort of your own home.

Podcasts are a relatively new thing for me but I’ve been enjoying listening to them while I work. Two that I’ve found I love so far are the Serial Podcast hosted by Sarah Koenig which tells one story – a true story (usually an unsolved murder)- over the course of a season.

The second podcast which is on the lighter side, called The LadyGang , is celebrity driven and hosted by three hilarious ladies that discuss everything and anything under the sun.

We all love a good show and I just finished watching the Netflix original series called The Santa Clarita Diet starring one of my favourite actresses Drew Barrymore. Although I was a bit hesitant before watching it, I was hooked instantly after episode 1! I can’t wait for the release of Season 2!

Lastly, I always try to fit a mini getaway into my schedule from time to time just so that I can have some down time to myself.

What are your lifestyle favourites at the moment?

Xo, Yvonne K.


5 Tips For a Summer Full of Confidence

June 15, 2017

I’ve always believed that if you feel good you also look good. Summer is the best time to get in touch with body confidence and feeling great about yourself. It can be a daunting task to feel good during the summer because most magazines and online publications go out of their way to tell us how to achieve the perfect bikini body. I say we stop paying attention to these unrealistic images of how a body should look and focus on how we can feel amazing in our bikinis without worrying about whether or not we look good enough.

However, there is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to feel your best all year round not just during the summer months.

How to Feel Confident

I always like to challenge myself so I decided to create a summer challenge that will help me feel good and look good all at the same time!

Here are some tips to help you feel confident this summer…

How to Feel Confident

Focus on Healthy Habits

I know how difficult it can be to stick to eating healthy so I’m going to start by cutting down my sugar intake. I’m so bad for eating sweets and indulging in dessert after dinner. If you’re like me and you can’t say no to sweets, try substituting your chocolate bars with a healthy protein bar during the week and as a treat, you can indulge in that brownie sundae over the weekend. It’s all about portions when you’re trying to keep or lose some weight.

Another great way to feel better throughout the day is to make a green smoothie or even a juice. I like to add kale, apples, spinach, nuts, soy milk and yogurt to my smoothies. I find that smoothies are a good way to cut those unhealthy carbohydrates in the morning.

You can even focus on good proteins and fats like salmon, eggs, chicken and turkey and try having a tablespoon of coconut oil each day for it’s wide range of health benefits.

How to Feel Confident

Take Time to Love Yourself

One thing I love doing when I’m feeling overwhelmed is to have a night to myself. I usually listen to music, write, watch a movie, take a walk, a bath and cook a meal to enjoy by myself.

Once you start making time for yourself, you will begin to feel good about your day and yourself.

How to Feel Confident

Take Up a Fun Sport (if You Don’t Like Going to the Gym)

We all lose our motivation to go to the gym every so often. I don’t have a gym membership  at the moment but I try to go for a jog or a long walk to stay in shape. I’ve also considered joining a sports team so that I’m consistent with being active.

How to Feel Confident

Change Up Your Beauty Routine

Changing your beauty routine can certainly do wonders for you if you’re not feeling so confident. Start integrating scrubs and exfoliaters into your beauty regimen to get rid of dead skin. I also love cleaning out my makeup bag and adding new products to it such as a great highlighter 😉

I know they may be packed with chemicals but a bit of fake tan can make a huge difference to how you feel! I love how fake tans can give you a bit of a glow during the summer.

Buy a Swimsuit that Works for Your Shape

I have tried on so many bathing suits that only left me feeling self conscious about my body so I highly recommend going online and searching for the ones that will flatter your body shape. There are some absolutely gorgeous swim suits out there and you should be able to find something you feel good in without having to resort to a tent like cover up. Personally for my shape I love the halter neck fastening with a cute pair of shorts as well as high waisted bikini bottoms and fuller cupped bikini tops.

Change Your Thoughts

This is the hardest thing of all, but we are really our own worst critics when it comes to feeling good about ourselves. There’s no secret to feeling good about yourself because it all starts with you. We need to give ourselves some perspective, so try to avoid comparing yourself to others. Try surrounding yourself with people who are comfortable with themselves and that will help you feel good about yourself for the summer ahead. Remind yourself that celebs and models are airbrushed anyway, and they are nowhere near perfect in person. Replace negative word such as “fat”, “ugly” with “I am starting to love my body” because it takes time to grow to love anything and learning to love your body is no different.

Summer is here so you should enjoy it! Go to the beach, eat ice cream, take a trip and stop worrying about how you look! If you feel good you will surely look good.



5 TV Shows You Need to Watch On Netflix

April 18, 2017

Grab some popcorn and get ready to watch some amazing shows on Netflix. Here are 5 of my favourite shows that you just might like too!


I have to be honest, I didn’t expect to like this TV show but a few of my friends convinced me to give it a go and surprisingly, it’s really good! This TV show is based in a small town called Riverdale and centres around a murder mystery. If you enjoy mysteries and dramas, you’ll definitely be hooked on this TV show.


I haven’t seen this one yet but can’t wait to start watching it! My friend’s exact words about this show: “I  adore this tv show and would have honestly binged the whole first season by now if it wasn’t for my fiance wanting to watch it with me”. If you’re into fantasy tv shows go give it a watch!

The Mindy Project

I tend to watch this on Netflix whenever I need a good laugh! The Mindy Project is a  sitcom about an ob-gyn who wishes her personal life were as successful as her professional one and matched the fairy-tale endings of her favourite romantic comedies. Sound like something you’d like to watch? Give it a try, you’ll definitely enjoy this one.

The 100

Not usually something I would choose on Netflix, however, it’s actually an amazing show! This show is set 97 years after a nuclear war has destroyed civilization and a spaceship housing humanity’s lone survivors sends 100 juvenile delinquents back to Earth in hopes of possibly re-populating the planet. You’ll like this show if you’re into sci-fi and dramas!

Once Upon a Time

This tv show is another one of my favourites purely because it brings characters from both Disney movies and classic fairy tales to life, literally. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything done like it before. It’s simply unique and quite charming, much like their quaint little town Storybrooke which I’d love to live in. I think Rumplestiltskin has to be my absolute favourite character, he’s portrayed so well, but in such a way that you wouldn’t think he would be. I dare you to try and hate him after you’ve seen his backstory!

What are you currently watching on Netflix?
Are there any tv shows I missed that I really must watch?

xo, Yvonne Khadra


4 Steps to Feeling Better About Yourself

April 4, 2017

We are all victims of self-doubt. Whether it’s a rough patch, a bad day, a major failure, it seems like if one thing goes wrong, we become so good at focusing on the negative instead of trying to learn from our mistakes and move on.

You don’t have to be strong all of the time.

It’s okay to admit that you are not okay.

Feel good

This is something that I’ve struggled with in the past but I’ve learned to focus on the positive rather than worrying about the negative.

Take time for yourself to learn and to grow into the person that you long to be. If you’re always complaining, try being thankful for what you have every day. Don’t worry about what everyone else is doing and remember that we all know what it’s like to “not be okay”.

Inspire Yourself

Whenever I’m feeling uninspired, I get paralyzed with self-doubt and it prevents me from doing the things that make me happy. The more you resist facing the problems and trying to overcome them, the harder it will be to focus on what can make you happy and inspire a healthier lifestyle. If you’re feeling stuck in your current situation at work, school, or life in general, it would help if you started making some changes so that you can start being happy. I used to work at a call centre and it was suffocating me in terms of not being able to think creatively and to do what I love. I no longer work there and have found that my attitude has gone from complaining and being unhappy with what I did for a living to a happier and positive attitude because I decided to pursue my passions and most importantly, make that change.

It is sometimes quite difficult to find a source of inspiration especially when we are already feeling down. If you’re going through this, take an hour each day and find inspiration from things that you love or enjoy doing such as music, reading, sports, etc.

Move On

This is the hardest thing to do at times and many people let the past dictate their lives for a very long time. I know how hard it is to move on from a negative environment. It was extremely hard for me to let go of my past but one thing that I did right was surround myself with people who don’t dwell on the negative and have a clear focus of how they can achieve happiness. I’m sure you’ve heard this before, but you are the company you keep.  Instead of being around people who make you feel even worse about yourself, start surrounding yourself with people who want the best for themselves and also for you.

Forgive Yourself

We are all hard on ourselves, that’s just the way it is. I’m critical of myself whenever I sing a new song but remember that it’s okay to be hard on yourself but it’s so important to keep yourself thinking that next time will be better and to continue to try again and again even if you fail. I used to always say to myself, “keep your head up” and that positive reinformcent alone helped me continue to make mistakes and learn from each and every one of them.

When you get in that funk, it’s very easy to start blaming yourself, or others for your problems. It’s very important that despite whatever it is that you’re going through, you forgive both yourself and anyone else you might be blaming. I think that we all tend to be way too hard on ourselves, overanalyzing every situation that might have played out differently if we made a different decision, etc.

I’ve failed myself time and time again, and sometimes I cried and beat myself up and other times I simply forgave myself and it felt so good.

Start a Regular Routine

It’s so easy to fall downwards when nothing is going our way. Feeling down about yourself can seem like the end of the world but just remember that those feelings are temporary. Sometimes it does feel like you start to lose control over everything- this is why in my experience, sticking to your regular routine is crucial. When I went through a tough time in my life, I stopped writing, singing and doing the things that I love for a short period of time. I allowed the negative feelings to overwhelm me and I got lost in a pile of emptiness and pain.  Try keeping yourself busy and continue your daily chores even if you can’t stand the thought of doing something other than feeling miserable. I promise that those times will get easier but it takes will power and a need to be happy.

It’s okay to fall apart sometimes because it feels so good when we find ourselves all over again.

Xoxo, Yvonne K.