Drugstore Beauty: e.l.f. Lip Exfoliator

March 2, 2017

Allow me to introduce to you the E.L.F. lip exfoliator. I purchased this product about a month ago and I love what it does for my lips when they are dry and chapped. Let’s face it, dry/chapped lips can bring us down especially during the winter months! There’s nothing like finding that super affordable product from the drugstore that just so happens to save the day!


The E.L.F. Lip Exfoliator was launched in 2011 with the unscented Original, but E.L.F. decided to add two additional flavours: Sweet Cherry, which has a bubble gum/fruity scent, and the fresh Mint Maniac which was released last spring.  If you’re a true E.L.F. fan (just like me), you might be wondering if the Lip Exfoliator tube works. It doesn’t just work, it leaves my lips feeling fresh, soft and ready to face the world.

This exfoliator includes small beads that are a one-shot chapped-lip cure, but they also are the ultimate way to prepare lips for dark, seasonal/matte lipsticks. I love using this exfoliator right before I prep my lips for a matte lip look.

The first ingredient in the E.L.F. Lip Exfoliator is sugar, and it has a gentle roughness that gets rid of  flakey patches.  What you should do is, first wet your mouth with a damp sponge, then, working in little circles, rub the exfoliator along your top and bottom lip. Because you’ve likely loosened dead skin cells, the next step is to use that very same damp sponge to do a little clean-up. When blotting and smoothing, don’t worry that you’re just reversing all the good you’ve done. The exfoliator also has a bunch of heavy-duty hydrators such as shea butter, jojoba, grape, and avocado oils that soak into your lips after you’ve applied the ingredients to your lips.

I absolutely love this product because it does the job and leaves my lips feeling extremely brand new. I definitely recommend this product and for what it’s worth, you can’t go wrong because the ingredients are natural and the price is right!

xo, Yvonne K.

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