Rock ‘N Karma: A Clothing Store in Toronto Like No Other

March 28, 2017

I stumbled upon Rock ‘N Karma by chance as I was wandering Queen Street in search of a new pair of heels. At first glance, the Toronto based clothing store appears to look rather small from the outside but don’t be fooled. I was holding a cupcake in my hand and I wasn’t even going to try to go inside with it but I quickly changed my mind and thought, “why the hell not?”.

rock 'n karma clothing store

Rock ‘N Karma is a Canadian fashion label that is famed by their signature miracle fabric. The addictive fabric and slimming cuts are limitless and effortless. The collection features pieces that are painted & beaded couture blended into black, that easily move from day to evening.

 The sisters Naomi & Devorah – raised in Toronto, have drawn inspiration from multiple avenues, every season. It is all things innovative, chic, & everything in between.

rock 'n karma clothing

If you’re looking for a clothing store in Toronto that offers casual yet chic, colourful yet edgy, or comfortable yet elegant, then I guarantee that you will love Rock ‘N Karma.

rock 'n karma

A clothing store in Toronto that promotes Peace and love!

Rock 'n karma

I always tend to gravitate towards black outfits whether it’s springtime, summertime, or even around the house! Everyone loves wearing black because it’s not only slimming but black never runs out of style.

rock 'n karma

This was my favourite part about Rock ‘N Karma, the second level features amazing art pieces that will leave you feeling quite inspired to start your own fashion line.

rock 'n karma clothing

I don’t want to forget to mention how incredibly friendly the staff at this clothing store were! I took plenty of pictures for this blog post and they didn’t mind at all!

rock 'n karma clothing

I wanted to share Rock ‘N Karma with all of you because it is such a super cool place to shop and everything is custom made with love. If you’re ever wandering Queen Street like I did, make sure to take a peek inside of Rock ‘N Karma. The setup and store design has a modern edginess to it and I fell in love at first sight. It’s definitely not just any other clothing store in Toronto but a place to admire stunning art pieces and mingle with incredibly friendly staff members.

Exciting news:  you can view their collections online as well!

For more information or to contact Rock ‘N Karma, please visit their contact section on the website.

xo, Yvonne K.

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