Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Review

October 17, 2017
Sally Hansen Miracle Gel

As soon as I heard that Sally Hansen released an at home gel nail polish,  I was stoked! I tested these polishes out and before you continue reading, I am happy to share that: I absolutely LOVE them!

Sally Hansen introduces the at home gel nail polish that does not require any light. You do not have to cure this polish and it lasts for 2 weeks! This has completely changed my nail polish game everyone! I used to spend so much money on salon gel manicures and I must add that my nails were became extremely damaged and brittle. I save myself time and money by using this new line of gel polishes by Sally Hansen. I purchased the colour spice age along with the top coat to ensure that my polish lasts for two weeks.

These polishes wear a lot like traditional gel manicures – stays glossy and chip-free for 14 days! I should  mention that it is very easy to apply and to remove this gel polish.

I used this gel polish as a last resort, I was getting sick of going to the salon all of the time. This gel polish has solved every gripe I had with gel manicures—like the fact that I had to wait for the polish to cure under an LED lamp and then get it scraped off or soak my fingers in acetone. This gel polish goes on and comes off exactly like regular polish: two coats of a base-plus-colour formula and one layer of the topcoat. It dries in five minutes—yes, that’s right! There are 40 shades to choose from and all have a glossy finish. I tried and tested this gel polish and I’m so excited to spread the news that I had no chips during the first week, I did get my first chip during the end of the second week but the polish still looked presentable. Keep in mind that I’m constantly keeping my home clean, doing the dishes and other household chores. I’m beyond happy about this gel polish and can’t wait to try different colours!

xo, Yvonne K.

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